Para Los Niños Annual Christmas Celebration

                          December 15, 2018                    

Sponsors in Attendance:  Tom and Glenda Oleson, Santa Clause (Doug Skolowski), Jodi Tippette, and Judy Miller. A special thank you to the Owners and staff of San Jose Mexican Grill for hosting our party!

A total of 25 children and 14 adults were invited to the 3rd Annual Para Los Niños (For the Children) Christmas Party.  To follow are the children, a number of whom had special needs:  Mark, Ronald, Luke, Cheyenne, Amber, Lupita, Doña, Armondo, Javi, Emanuel, Nancy, Krystal, Kassie, Osiris, Angel, Alexander, Cody, Jesse, Trinity, Jayla, Amilliana, Billy, Tommy, Chris, and Landon.
The families enjoyed a buffet of chicken nuggets, French Fries, refried beans, rice, salad and quesadillas.  After the meal was completed, Santa made his grand entrance as Glenda led the group in singing "Santa Clause is Coming To Town."  Santa, who was assisted by his Elf Kassie, passed out stockings which were filled with age appropriate/gender appropriate gifts which included candy, toys, games, books, pens/pencils, coloring books, crayons, coin purse/wallets with $2. bill, a Christmas ornament, reading books, lotions, perfumes, lip gloss, necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches.  The adults also received a bag containing Glenda's homemade cookies, tins of cookies, nuts, and candies.  The children were invited to choose books from a table filled with reading books, coloring books, crayons, and activity books.  Each family received a box of wrapped presents with at least 5 gifts per child.  These gifts included toys, clothing, and shoes. 
Slide 1:  Food, fun, and friends first!  Slide 2:  Greeting Santa with a song!  Slide 3:  Giving the Stockings by Santa and his Elf Kassie.  Slide 4: Tons of presents for under the tree.