Christmas Celebration - December 15, 2018

More photos and Thank yous to our Donors, Volunteers, and Sponsors.
Organizations and individuals that donated monies and or items for the party are as follows:  San Jose Mexican Grill in Saint Mary's, Georgia and The San Jose Mexican Grill in Yulee, Florida; Focardi Great Bay Foundation, St. Petersburg, Florida; U.S. Postal Service, Tampa, Florida; Addy's Tire Service, Saint Mary's, Georgia; Melaleuca Corporation, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Angela Britt Denistry, Brunswick, Georgia; and The Smokehouse, Dunedin, Florida. 
 Individuals who donated their time, monies, and/or items that were used as presents are as follows:  Thomas and Glenda Oleson, Saint Mary's, Georgia; Ashlee Stone, Kingsland, Georgia; Ira and Sandy Carnes, Dunedin, Florida; Kelly Moore, Dunedin, Florida; Terry Peterson, Clearwater, Florida; Sharon Price, Gulfport, MS.; Judy Miller, Saint Mary's, Georgia,; Ann Adams, Sun City, Florida; Jodi Tippette, Fernandino Beach, Florida; John Oleson, Midland, MI.; Andy and Joan Whittaker, Portland, Oregon; Bob and Joan Goggins, New Prague, MN; Page Wright, Clearwater, Florida; Kate and Matt Oyer, Dunedin, Florida; and Mike and Takako Sterr, Brookfield, WI.
The party was a great success and enjoyed by all.  A big thank you goes to the San Jose Mexican Grill as their effort to make the party successful was outstanding to say the least!  THANKS!