History Page

  Founded in 1994 by Thomas W. Oleson

20 Years of service to children in need.


Top:  Ashlee assists in distributing clothing & toys in Aldea Nueva.

Middle: Bob Fortner, Steve Hatcher, Karen Ragsdale & other members of Para Los Ninos hiked an hour up to a mountain school with backbacks & suitcases full of gifts for the children of Las Breses School.

Bottom:  The school built by Para Los Ninos in San Jeronimo received  clothes, shoes, candy, toys, and school supplies.


         The mission of Para Los Niños is to provide for the needs of children who live in conditions that are impoverished & to make a difference in the lives of as many of these children as possible. The efforts of Para Los Niños are on-going & with assistance from businesses, organizations, individuals, companies & charitable foundations the work of Para Los Niños continues. All donations are acknowledged & appreciated.



Since 1994 Para Los Niños (For The Children) has made 3 - 4 trips annually to countries in Central & South America and the Caribbean. Our organization is comprised of 7 non-paid staff members & many volunteers. Thousands of pounds of toys, food, medical supplies, reading/text books, clothing/shoes, wheelchairs, computers, hygiene items, etc. are delivered or shipped annually to distribution centers & subsequently delivered to orphanages, schools, hospitals & facilities for handicapped children. Thomas Oleson, Founder of Para Los Niños, became aware of the need for clothing at an orphanage while on a trip to Costa Rica. Upon returning to Florida, church groups, both local & international companies, friends, business associates, charities & foundations were contacted & many provided assistance. Encouraged by the response subsequent trips were scheduled & completed. With each experience it became increasingly evident that the basic needs of many children were not being met. It was decided that efforts will continue and will focus on alleviating this situation.

Para Los Niños initiated a “school building program” & the collection of funds for this purpose is on-going. Schools conducive to learning are badly needed in the isolated sections of the countries where we perform mission work. The 1st school was completed in 2007 for a village of Chorti Indians who live near Copan, Honduras. A 2nd school was completed in Jan of 2009 & a 3rd school was completed in Aug of 2009. Workshops for teachers located in rural/remote areas are on-going & attendees are provided educational materials & instruction in subject matter for the purpose of improving the quality of education.   Para Los Niños also serves “children in need” in Florida & where ever we can. It is difficult for children who are without adequate clothing, hygiene supplies, food & an adequate education to develop into productive adults. The primary focus of  Para Los Niños is to address these problems & provide a better life for children who lack opportunities to become productive adults. In Florida our focus is to assist children with disabilities but we do not exclude families living in poverty.