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Para Los Niños was established in 1994 for the purpose of providing impoverished children and disabled children with opportunities to experience success.  Our services extend to the teachers and families of these children.


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I have attempted to tell our history and some of our accomplishments with pictures taken of trips over the past 20 years.  We were labeled "off-the-road" missionaries because we did not stay in the cities next to the airport where many mission groups served, rather, we chose to go to areas that also needed help but because of their location did not often receive it.  When we began, much of our efforts were focused on delivering goods in the form of clothing, shoes, toys, and other donated items.  We would usually travel to the rural schools where there were children all in one location.  Upon seeing the conditions of the "schools" we decided to raise funds to build schools in some exceptionally poor areas.  Eventually, we built 3 schools, thanks to the generosity of many donors and the oversight skills of Missionaries Bill and Mary Collins.  Then, of course, we began to deliver consumable school supplies, books in Spanish, laptop computers (where electricity was available) and classroom furniture.  When we realized the poor training resources available to the teachers, we began an annual teacher workshop for teachers in the rural areas where we built our schools.  And, of course, in the process of completing these happy tasks, we came in contact with and became friends with many loving and generous people who made it all possible.  Since we now go to Honduras just once a year, we have developed 2 initiatives in and around the Florida/Georgia area for children with special needs and the children of working parents who could use help at back- to- school time and Christmas.  This is a glorious work and it has blessed us over the years.

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The  picture below was taken during our December, 2014 trip and we have decided to keep it up to remind us and all those who view this site the blessing of having water!

This may look like a simple water faucet to you; however, to the Village of Aldea Nueva it is a long-awaited blessing!  In the 11+ years we have been visiting Aldea Nueva many visitors to the village have tried to assist in the implementation of water for the village.  Thanks to the continued work of Mary and Billy Collins, Missionaries from Arkansas, the dream is a reality!  Thank you God!