Trip Report, Page 5

June 22-27, 2016



If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Para Los Ninos at or call us at 912-510-0579, 727-504-1017, or 727-415-5236.  Tuition to attend Los Pinos is $50. per month per student or $500. per school year.  Los Pinos is a quality school that has the mission to inspire students to find their dream in Honduras.  All if the children we have met from Los Pinos are polite, ambitious, and full of hope for their future. 

Reflections by Glenda Oleson

Marcos and Hadelyn are children of different worlds.  Hadelyn, a 9 year old girl from St. Mary’s, Georgia learns the plight of children who are extremely poor in the Central American Country of Honduras.  Immediately that quality of caring that we are all born with is awakened in Hadelyn.  She runs home where she gathers some of her most cherished soft animals and returns to add them to our suitcases.  “Please give these to the children,” she said.  As we visited the El Jaral Clinic in El Jaral, Honduras, we met Marcos a 6 year old boy who had been hit and run over by a car.  Marcos lay very still on the gurney of the ill-equipped clinic.  By a miracle no broken bones were found but internal injuries had not been ruled out.  In my hand I held the soft animals given with love and care by Hadelyn so many miles away.  He smiled for the first time when I showed him the picture on my Ipad of Hadelyn placing her precious gifts in our suitcases and handed him the first small animal.  At that moment I realized the real mission of Para Los Niños was not providing “things” but bringing love and care from the heart of one to another - the real gift.

Reflections by Tom Oleson

Our trip to Honduras and the school “Los Pinos” located in Sta. Rita was one of the most satisfying experiences of my 23 years of Missionary work. The students, all of which were friendly, outgoing, respectful, and caring.  These are beautiful children in every way and we enjoyed our  time with them.  There was no bullying, acting out, or harsh words but an abundance of smiles, hugs, and laughter.  If only every school could be like “Los Pinos” and every leader like the teachers and administration at this place of education.  I would not hesitate to send a child of mine to this school.


Slide 1:  Kelly, Terry, and Tracy assemble the gift bags for the new mothers at El Jarrel Clinic.

Slide 2:  A brand new baby receives a quilt made by the ladies of Unity of Palm Harbor.