A great big thanks to all those donors who make it possible for Para Los Ninos to provide educational opportunities and items of daily living to the many children we serve!

If you would like to assist this mission you may contact us by email -; 912-510-0579, 727-504-1017, or 727-415-5236. or Mail donations to:

P.O. Box 933, Dunedin, FL., 34697.

Loyal Contributors: Companies & Organizations


Bic Corporation, Tampa, FL

Focardi-Great Bay Foundation, St. Petersburg, FL

U.S. Postal Service, Tampa, FL

Melaleuca Corp., Idaho Falls, Idaho

Addy's Tire Service, St. Mary's, Georgia

San Jose Grill and Cantina, St. Mary's, Georgia

The Dunedin Smokehouse and Staff, Dunedin, FL

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Clearwater, Florida                   Ozona, Fl.
Sharon Price                               Rev. Bob & Terry Fortner
Page Wright
Terry Peterson

Dunedin, Florida

Kelly Moore,                                    Ira & Sandy Carnes
Kate, Matt Oyer and family                             

St. Mary's, Georgia:
Thomas W. Oleson                 Glenda M. Oleson
Ailices Martinez

Fernandina Beach, Florida
David and Jodi Tippette and family


Louise Peyton, Tampa Fl.               Jerald Cowart, Jacksonville, FL 
Ashlee Stone, Kingsland, Ga           Geraldine Cowart, Jacksonville, FL
John/Carol Oleson, Midland, MI.      Tracy Moulson, Safety Harbor, FL
Al/Ann Adams,The Villages, Fl          Darla Brogan, Jeffersonville, Ind. 
 Al & Ann Adams, Sun Center, Fl
Virginia Spraker-Isaacs, Palm Harbor, FL

Reflections by Terry Peterson April/May 2017

The children always amaze me.  Also I'm in admiration of the Olesons: in their approach to all humanity and animals.  "Talk is Cheap but actions are worth a million" clearly applies to Tom and Glenda.  Para Los Ninos is filled with love from sponsors and donors throughout the USA and Central America.  I'm proud to be part of this organization.  I also want to acknowledge Millie (Zonia) Bueso the directora of Los Pinos School where we sponsor 12 children.  Millie is a bright star to the children of Honduras.  I'm happy to sponsor a young man and his sister in school for the next school year.

Reflections by Matt & Kate Oyer and Kelly Moore(2016)

   When we were offered an opportunity to travel to Honduras with Para Los Ninos, we had no idea what to expect.  There was certainly a mixture of emotions from scared to excited, nervous to honored and much much more.  This would be our first experience visiting Central America and after careful consideration we felt compelled to go.

We left on a mission to deliver supplies for education, clothing, toys, and medical supplies to Honduras.  We knew the country-side was beautiful but what we didn't know is how we would fall in love with the people.  For every towel, shirt, bar of soap, toy and more the people were so very grateful.

   To us the most important and possibly the most effective day of our trip was the Teacher's Workshop. Children have the right to an education and with liimited to possibly no resources, teachers experience large classes, no supplies and minimal access to lesson plans and continuing education.  In education people are provided the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty and into prosperity with improved health, economic growth and political stability.  The results of this workshop seemed exponentially beneficial as the teachers brought  the ideas, supplies and education back into their classrooms.  The teachers in attendance were energizing and eager to enhance education within their reach in the villages and cities.

   In our lifetimes, we have never been anywhere where people have had so very little but held a smile across their faces.  The resources Americans consume daily were luxury to the vast majority of family's living in Honduras.  To say this opportunity was humbling is an understatement.  To say this opportunity was one-in-a-lifetime is arrogant.  To say this trip was life-changing, rewarding, necessary and a blessing to our family is what we hold in our hearts in reflection.

You may need a translator, but no words are needed to understand the appreciation and love from the people of Honduras.  We are beyond grateful to have played such a small part in such a big opportunity.         

   Thank you Tom and Glenda for opening our eyes to the experience of another culture and for a new appreciation for what the Lord has given us.  We look forward to continuing to support Para Los Ninos and their mission in the future!