Trip Report, Page 2

May 12-17, 2018


If you would like to help Para Los Ninos provide children the opportunity to attend school you can email us at  Every donation helps regardless of the amount.  A semester of school at Los Pinos cost $250.00.  Many of our children have multiple sponsors.

Day 3: The day dawned bright and sunny - another great day in paradise. After breakfast we proceeded to El Jaral and the Clinica Jaral Hector Manual which provides both medical and residential services for pregnant women. There 14 pregnant women at the clinic and one of the ladies had just delivered a baby boy. All the women were provided baby blankets, baby clothing, wash clothes, items of hygiene, a small soft animal.  The clinic also received medical supplies as medical services are provided to the surrounding community and on this particular occasion a 5 year old child (Marco) was run over by an auto and appears to have internal injuries. We provided soft animals and over the counter medicine to his mother for him. He also has our prayers

Slide 1: Tom sits with 5 of the 11 women at El Jaral Clinica.  Slide 2:  Terry presents the first of two quilts handcrafted and donated by Virginia Spraker-Isaccs.  Slide 3:  Terry presents another of Virginia's quilts.  Slide 4:  Glenda visits labor and delivery to present a quilt and bag to the very young girl there.