Trip Report, Page 3

April 27 - May 2, 2017



If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Para Los Ninos at or call us at 912-510-0579, 727-504-1017, or 727-415-5236.  Tuition to attend Los Pinos is $50. per month per student or $500. per school year.  Los Pinos is a quality school that has the mission to inspire students to find their dream in Honduras.  All if the children we have met from Los Pinos are polite, ambitious, and full of hope for their future. 

Slide !:  Group of sponsored students. (sponsors names in parenthesis) Named from bottom to top row

Bottom row - Jose - sponsored by The Dunedin Smokehouse

2nd row -lft. to rgt. Vivian Velasquez (Dr. Dave Bowman & Darla), Karla Flores (Kellly Moore & Tracey Moulson); Celeste Alvarez (Terry Peterson); Luna Zelaya(Para Los Niños)

3rd row - lft to rgt. - Elder Linarez (Focardi-Great Bay Foundation). Catherine Rosa (Kate & Matt Oyer and Kelly Moore); Angie Pena (Betty Webb); and Rudy Monrroy (Tom Oleson).

4th row - Glenda Oleson, Jenny Arita (Glenda); Elvin Manuel Alvrez (Terry Peterson); Rudy Monrroy (Tom Oleson)

5th row - Terry Peterson, Estanly Lopez (Bob & Terry Fortner);  Tom Oleson and Millie Bueso, School Administrator,

Slide 2:  Jose with Tracey last year.

Slide 3:  Jose graduating from Kindergarten this year.(Jose is seated in front of Millie on the far right.)

Slide 4: Rudy with sponsor, Tom celebrating Rudy's graduation.

Slide 5: Terry has added a 3rd student to sponsor, Andrea 10th grader.

Slide 6: Glenda with her student Jenny entering 11th.

Slide 7: Karla sponsored by Kelly and Tracey.

Slide 8: Catherine sponsored by Matt, Kate, and Kelly.

Slide 9: Vivian sponsored by Dr. Dave Bowman and daughter, Darla.

Day 3 (cont.): We left the clinic and drove to Sta. Rita and the Escula Los Piños and enjoyed lunch with many of the 120 students who were in attendance.   We also met and interacted with 9 of the students that are being sponsored  by members of Para Los Niños and the 3 sponsors present had their pictures taken with their students. We cut our stay somewhat short as the temperature was in the 90s and the 15 minute trip back to the hotel took 30 minutes because of road construction. The evening was filled with lightening (raya) and thunder (relampago) but no rain. We dined at our hotel before retiring for the day.