Trip Report, Page 4

May 12-17, 2018



If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Para Los Ninos at or call us at 912-510-0579, 727-504-1017, or 727-415-5236.  Tuition to attend Los Pinos is $50. per month per student or $500. per school year.  Los Pinos is a quality school that has the mission to inspire students to find their dream in Honduras.  All if the children we have met from Los Pinos are polite, ambitious, and full of hope for their future. 

Slide 1 & Slide 2:  Children and their parents listen with interest as Tom speaks regarding the importance of education and remaining in Honduras. Fair to follow!

 Slide 3:  The children line up by class and gender to receive gifts from Para Los Ninos.

Slide 4:  Another happy recipient of Hadelyn's sweet gifts.

Day 4: The day, as usual, dawned bright and sunny. After breakfast at the hotel we proceeded to “Los Piños” and it was picture day at the school. Each class, teachers and assistant teachers had their pictures taken as well as some individual students.  All of the sponsored students and three of the sponsors along with Millie also had their picture taken.  All of the students were presented with a small gift bag from Para Los Niños including a toothbrush/toothpaste provided by Mark and Sandy Everett, combs lip, balm, soap, etc. We ate lunch with the students which consisted primarily of fruit, a chicken soup, and tortillas and enjoyed interacting with these students. We dined that evening in Copan Ruinas and treated Millie and her sister to diner. We also gave out soft animals to several of the poorer children we met in the village. Many of the animals were donated by our 9 year old  neighbor, Hadelyn who wanted to help “poor children”. We retired for the evening satisfied with the days activities.

Day 5: It was “Fair Day” at Los Piños and we rose early as we were part of the days activities. Tom presented a 40 minute program to the children and their parents. He spoke on how special the students are and how they can and will become successful adults but they must remain in school. (several have left for the U.S. with their parents). The talk was well received and there were many comments and questions from the parents. Millie acted as the interpreter and it  proved to be an exhilarating experience for us. We then returned to the hotel and proceeded to pack for our return trip to the U.S.

Day 6: Because of the many road construction delays we rose earlier for our return trip to San Pedro Sula. It was a long hot drive and despite a flat tire we made it to the airport with an hour to spare. We arrived in Jacksonville at the prescribed time (10:30 P.M.) and on arriving home our two dogs greeted us with unmatched enthusiasm. It was great to be home.